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Our team is committed to helping you achieve your academic, personal and professional goals. That’s why we offer a variety of personalized resources and programs designed to support you from your first day on campus through graduation and beyond.

Support Services & Programs

Academic Advising

With over 90 majors, mapping an academic plan can feel overwhelming. Our team of Success Coaches are here to help you navigate your class selection process ensure you remain on track. Our coaches will help you craft a class schedule that balances your academic habits, extracurricular interests and professional goals. And of course, they will make sure you have fun in the classroom along the way!

NCC Student Success

Student Disability Services

We view disability as an important aspect of diversity, and we are committed to providing equal opportunity and meaningful access for all students. We partner with students, faculty, and staff to provide accessible environments and academic accommodations.

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Workshops & Coaching

Our workshops are designed to set you up for success in the classroom, in your career, and in life. From time management to test anxiety, these workshops tackle important topics and provide impactful solutions. You will establish strong habits that can help you to balance the many demands of your life—habits like knowing when to log off TikTok and jump into that study guide.

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Students can access free academic support that fits their needs and schedule. Our peer tutoring program matches students who need supplementation instruction with an instructor-recommended student who excels in the same subject matter. Our peer-tutors know a thing or two, because they’ve seen a thing or two.

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Testing Services

Preparing for an exam can be stressful, but taking it doesn’t need to be. Testing accommodations and proctored make-up tests are available to students in a secured testing environment.

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Graduate School Preparation

Thinking about a graduate health degree? Our Health Programs Advisor will help you navigate the application process, ensure you have the prerequisite courses and recommended experiences, and assist with exam preparation. Whether it is assistance with standardized tests, such as the GRE or MCAT, knowing when and how to apply to graduate health programs, or seeking information on national fellowships and post-baccalaureate scholarships, our Health Programs Advisor can help. 

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Resource Centers

  • Speaking Center: Public speaking isn’t for everyone, but regardless of your experience level, we’re here to help you create, prepare and deliver your presentation with confidence.
  • STEM Resource Centers: Our faculty offer one-on-one support, group study sessions and academic resources in a variety of academic disciplines.
  • Writing Center: Whether it's a major research paper, a cover letter or a forum post, we'll help you understand your assignment, generate ideas and meet your writing goals.
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Contact Us

We are committed to empowering all students to achieve their academic, personal and professional goals. If you have questions about our services or available opportunities, please contact us.

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